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Gain full control of the process while saving thousands of dollars on Broker and Agent Fees with YourMLSConnection. Here’s how our streamlined system works:

  1. Choose Your Marketing Package: Take the reins by selecting a marketing package tailored to your budget. We offer a range of options, from basic to enhanced, each including essential features. Explore our Real Estate Shoppe for additional services if needed.
  2. Document Compliance: We simplify the MLS listing process by providing you with the first set of documents necessary for compliance. These documents typically include the listing agreement, brokerage relationship agreement, and seller disclosure.
  3. Detail Your Home: The heart of your listing lies in the MLS residential data form. Here, you provide all the crucial details about your property, including price, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and all the unique features that make your home stand out to potential buyers.
  4. Compile Your Listing Package: To ensure a seamless process, gather and submit all required elements, including payment, high-quality photos, addendums, and disclosures. Our team will review your package promptly to verify completeness and accuracy.
  5. Activation and Notification: Once your listing has met our criteria, you’ll receive an email notification confirming that your home is now active in the system. This is the moment when your property becomes visible to potential buyers, giving you the control you desire.

We’re not just about convenience; we’re committed to providing excellent customer service and support throughout your journey. With RFRE and YourMLSConnection program you’re empowered to navigate the home-selling process with confidence.

Our final offer is at any time you may:  Transition to RFRE Comprehensive Service Program: If you find that the current program becomes overwhelming, we offer a seamless transition to our comprehensive service program, with your current program fee credited towards your closing costs at settlement.